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Books for Young Readers

My Maddy

My Maddy, Gayle E. Pittman, PhD
This accessible and child-friendly story introduces children to transgender, gender fluid, and gender non-conforming/non-binary parents.
Ages 4-8, Hardcover, 2020

My Maddy is a heartfelt narrative that marries refreshingly unapologetic LGBTQ illustrations with text that many child readers will be able to relate to. This celebration of nonconforming parents is a nuanced and noteworthy addition to any home, classroom, or library.” —Booklist, starred review

Papa, Daddy, & Riley

Papa, Daddy, and Riley, Seamus Kirst 
Families are made of love in this heartwarming story that shows there are lots of ways to be part of one.
Ages 4-8, Hardcover, 2020

“A must-have for children’s picture-book collections, this is a delightful celebration of what makes a family.” —Booklist, starred review

Rainbow,  A First Book of Pride

Rainbow: A First Book of Pride, Michael Genhart, PhD 
This book celebrates LGBTQ+ pride and reveals the colorful meaning behind each rainbow stripe in a simple and engaging format for young readers.
Ages 3-5, Hardcover, 2019

Sewing the Rainbow

Sewing the Rainbow: The Story of Gilbert Baker and the Rainbow Flag,
Gayle E. Pitman, PhD 
Sewing the Rainbow is the powerful story of Gilbert Baker and the creation of the rainbow flag.
Ages 4-8, Hardcover, 2018

When You Look Out the Window

When You Look Out the Window: How Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin Built a Community, Gayle E. Pitman, PhD 
This picture book tells the story of Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin, one of San Francisco's most well-known and politically active lesbian couples. This book shows how one couple's activism transformed their community—and had ripple effects throughout the world.
Ages 4-8, Hardcover, 2017

This Day in June

This Day in June, Gayle E. Pitman, PhD
This uplifting and upbeat book shares the experience of attending an LGBT pride festival. Top Ten Title, ALA Rainbow List.
Ages 4-8, Hard and Softcover, 2014

Read an interview with author Gayle Pitman, PhD, about how she wrote This Day in June and balances authentic experiences with a children's understanding of complex issues.

Jacob's School Play: Starring She, He, and They

Jacob's School Play: Starring She, He, and They, Sarah Hoffman and Ian Hoffman 
Jacob’s School Play is an engaging way to introduce young readers to non-binary people and the pronoun options available to us all. Learning that individuals are more nuanced than how others see them is a developmentally important milestone and helps foster respect of one’s self and one’s peers.
Ages 4-8, Hardcover, 2021

Having role models and resources that support positive views towards sexual orientation and gender identity will help tweens and teens understand their feelings and promote acceptance of diverse backgrounds. 

Trans+: Love, Sex, Romance, and Being You

Trans+: Love, Sex, Romance, and Being You,
Karen Rayne, PhD and Kathryn Gonzales, MBA 
This all-inclusive, uncensored guide is for teens who are transgender, nonbinary, gender-nonconforming, or gender-fluid.
Ages 15-18, Hardcover, 2019

"An easy-to-read, useful guide that highlights the personal nature of gender identity and expression."
 —The Advocate 

Either Way: Story of a Gay Kid

Either Way: Story of a Gay Kid, Sandra Levins 
This graphic novel has three stories braided into one: a coming-of-age coming out story, a lesson on marriage equality, and historical fiction about a gay man in the military.
Ages 13-19, Softcover, 2016

Girl: Love, Sex, Romance, and Being You

Girl: Love, Sex, Romance, and Being You, Karen Rayne, PhD
This book is a growing-up guide for teen girls with information about identity, dating, romance, love, relationships, and sex.
Ages 13-19, Softcover, 2017

"An empowering, thorough, and inclusive guide to sexuality …. readers seeking advice on or knowledge about virtually any aspect of sexuality and identity should find this to be a valuable resource."
 —Publishers Weekly, starred review 

Dating and Sex: A guide for the 21st Century  Teen Boy

Dating and Sex: A Guide For The 21st Century Teen Boy, Andrew P. Smiler, PhD 
This book provides boys age 13 and older with the knowledge and framework they need to become responsible and mature relational and sexual beings.
Ages 13-19, Softcover, 2016

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Baxter and Danny Stand Up to Bullying, James M. Foley, DEd
Baxter and Danny learn to manage their feelings after being bullied and how to stand up for themselves. Children will learn strategies for building self-esteem and how to become more resilient.
Ages 4-8, Hardcover, 2018

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Fantastic You, Danielle Dufayet, PhD
Fantastic You shows readers how to develop and nurture a loving and positive relationship with themselves. Kids will learn that self-care includes positive self-talk and self-compassion for a happy, self-empowered life.
Ages 4-8, Hardcover, 2019

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You Are Your Strong, Danielle Dufayet, PhD
Soothing and empowering, You Are Your Strong reassures kids that they can handle big emotions and highlights the benefit of developing inner strength and confidence in oneself.
Ages 4-8, Hardcover, 2019

"Zivoin’s sculptural art viscerally captures the characters’ emotional highs and lows, while Dufayet’s adjectives-as-nouns conceit is delivered with a soothing lilt."
Publishers Weekly

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Baxter and Danny Stand Up to Bullying
Fantastic You
You are Your Strong

2019 ALA Rainbow Book List Selection!

Rainbow Collection

Magination Press, Books for Kids From the American Psychological Association
Group of diverse adults and children waving rainbow flags
Books for Young ReadersBooks for Tweens and Teens

About Us

Magination Press, the children’s books imprint of the American Psychological Association, is proud to offer our Rainbow Collection, books for kids and teens that celebrate LGBTQ+ voices and promote inclusive school and family values.

Our books:

  • are evidence-based and written by child development experts
  • come with guides for caregivers and resources to further books' messaging in the classroom, in the community, and at home
  • backed by the American Psychological Association's mission to benefit society and improve lives
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Jacob's Room to Choose

Jacob's Room to Choose, Sarah Hoffman and Ian Hoffman 
When Jacob tries to use the boy's bathroom, he is mistaken for a girl and chased out. After Jacob's friend Sophie faces the same situation, their class gets together to make things better.
Ages 4-8, Hardcover, 2019 

Read this book’s Note to Parents by lore m. dickey, PhD, a guide for caregivers that includes a list of helpful resources on how support and advocate for gender nonconforming and transgender kids

“An empowering and uplifting tale for any teacher to read to their kids, Jacob’s Room to Choose is the perfect icebreaker for young students to have meaningful conversations about gender identity and community.” —The Advocate

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Books for Tweens and Teens

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They're So Flamboyant, Michael Genhart 
This fun and funny bird’s-eye tome to individuality, community, and harmony follows the reactions of a neighborhood full of birds when a “flamboyance” of flamingos moves in. Each band of birds all have their feathers ruffled and express their apprehension about the new and different arrivals. Bright pink colors, long legs, how dare they! 

Ages 4-8, Hardcover, 2021

“From the author of Accordionly (2020) comes another clever book about stereotypes, uncomfortable feelings, acceptance, and inclusion.” —Booklist 

Stitch by Stitch: Cleve Jones and the AIDS Memorial Quilt, Rob Sanders 
Cleve Jones’ extraordinary life seems to have been stitched together bit by bit, piece by piece. Mentored by Harvey Milk, Jones first had the vision for what became the AIDS Memorial Quilt during a candlelight memorial for Milk in 1985. The Quilt is an iconic symbol of hope and remembrance.
Ages 4-8, Hardcover, 2021

Read the author’s Q&A in Publisher’s Weekly  

“Its story is beautifully captured in the book’s smooth pacing and brief paragraphs… The book is pretty darn impressive. Storytelling and history, beautifully stitched together.” —Kirkus, starred review 

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Evelyn Hooker and The Fairy Project,
Gayle E. Pitman 
This evocative biography tells the story of Evelyn Hooker, the extraordinary woman behind the research, advocacy, and allyship that led to the removal of the “Homosexuality” diagnosis from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. A pioneering psychologist, Hooker was also a poet herself and a towering figure in LGBTQ+ rights.
Ages 12-18, Hardcover, 2021 

"A true story of true allyship… this offers helpful materials for young researchers and audiences curious about LGBTQ+ history… Offers interesting information on a lesser-known hero."

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Stitch by Stitch Book Cover
They're so Flamboyant book cover
Evelyn Hooker and the Fairy Project book cover

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2019 Children's and Teen Choice Book Awards 5th–6th Grade Honor Book

5th–6th grade finalist in 2019 Children's & Teen Choice Book Awards

NCSS-CBC 2019 Notable Social Students Trade Book for Young People

National Parenting Product Award Winner

Named one of Chicago Public Library’s Best of the Best Books of 2021

2020 ALA Rainbow Book List Selection!

One of Bank Street’s 2021 Best Children’s Books of the Year

NCSS-CBC 2021 Notable Social Studies Trade Book

Stonewall Book Award winner!

A Top Ten Title, American Library Association Rainbow List

Winner, Notable Books for a Global Society Awards

Named one of the most important books of the last decade by The Advocate's “40 Under 40” list

2020 Teacher's Choice Awards Winner

2020 ALA Rainbow Book List Selection! 

2019 Foreword INDIES Award

Chicago Public Library's Best of the Best Books List for Teens – Nonfiction

A Bank Street College Best Book of the Year, Starred Outstanding Merit Title

The Mother of a Movement: 
Jeanne Manford--Ally, Activist, and Founder of PFLAG

The Mother of a Movement: 
Jeanne Manford--Ally, Activist, and Founder of PFLAG, Rob Sanders
The Mother of a Movement tells the story of Jeanne Manford, the founder of PFLAG. While marching in the June 1972 Christopher Street Parade, she had the idea to form a group to help parents and families of LGBTQ+ people.

Ages 5-12, Hardcover, 2022

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